Federal parliament hears bombshell evidence of a major secret drug scandal in the AFL

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A federal MP has accused the AFL of covering up a major drug problem among its players after he alleged at least one team has undertaken a secret drug testing regime to help players avoid drug detection on game days.

Andrew Wilkie claimed he had a signed statement from a former team doctor of the Melbourne football club alleging the club told players to fake injuries if they tested positive for drugs to avoid detection and potential sanctions from official integrity bodies.

He said the AFL wanted players to play “at all costs”.

“If there are no illegal drugs in the player’s system they are free to play, and if there are drugs in their system the player is often asked to fake an ­injury,” he said.

“They are advised to lie about a condition, while the ­results of the off-the-book tests are kept secret and are never shared with Sports Integrity Australia or WADA.

“In other words, hundreds of thousands of Australians will watch the game not knowing that the game has been secretly manipulated by the AFL and thousands of Australians will bet on that game not knowing the game has been secretly ­manipulated by the AFL.

He aired the allegations under parliamentary privilege on Tuesday night.

Mr Wilkie also said he had further evidence showing a widespread cover-up of a cocaine problem within the AFL.

“Aussie rules football is far too important to our nation. I call for intervention at the highest level and ask the Prime Minister to personally intervene in this matter … because right now, Deputy Speaker, the term white-line fever has taken on a different and sinister meaning at the AFL,” he said.

NCA NewsWire has contacted the Melbourne Football Club and the AFL for comment.


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