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Erskine Park, NSW: Footage captures moment man rescued from floodwaters after being stranded on excavator

[ad_1] Aerial footage has captured the moment a man was rescued from floodwaters while clinging to a submerged excavator west of Sydney, following a rain [more…]

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Kate Middleton footage receives new editor’s note from Getty Images

[ad_1] Global picture agency Getty Images has issued an explanation after attaching a new editor’s note on Kate Middleton’s cancer announcement video. There was an [more…]

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News site TMZ express concerns over credibility of Kate Middleton video despite endorsing footage

[ad_1] Leading entertainment news site TMZ is now questioning a video of Kate Middleton just one day after endorsing the footage as the real deal. [more…]

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AFL 2024: Collingwood Mason Cox pre-game incident with Shane Mumford has taken a twist after new footage emerged

[ad_1] New vision has emerged of Mason Cox’s pre-game encounter with Shane Mumford, with AFL 360 co-hosts Gerard Whateley and Mark Robinson of the belief [more…]