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Startling images reveal the truth about who owns most major brands found in the big two supermarkets

[ad_1] A compelling illustration by a graphic design enthusiast has revealed the sheer concentration of ownership of popular brands found in Australian supermarkets. Strolling through [more…]

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Truth about ‘embarrassing’ photo of long queue of Teslas waiting to recharge

[ad_1] It’s the jarring photo said to prove that Australia will struggle in its goal to ditch petrol cars. But supporters of electric vehicles, a [more…]

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Truth behind ‘creepy-sounding’ setting turned on iPhones in software update

[ad_1] A “creepy-sounding setting” was automatically turned on iPhones across the world in Apple’s latest software update. The setting, ‘Discoverable by Others’, can be found [more…]

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Leichhardt Oval missing detail exposes crushing truth in Wests Tigers, NRL storm

[ad_1] The NRL has gone into meltdown about the imperilled future of the Wests Tigers’ iconic suburban stadium — but one photo has captured a [more…]

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Daniel Ricciardo’s truth bomb after Australian Grand Prix qualifying, Yuki Tsunoda

[ad_1] Daniel Ricciardo has opened up after his 2024 Formula 1 season reached worrying depths at the Australian Grand Prix. For the first time Down [more…]